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Rockland Bird Santuary Tour

Nestled and preserved in the hills of Anchovy, Jamaica is; what’s perhaps one of the best kept secrets of the island. The Rockland Bird Sanctuary is a great treat for nature lovers who are interested in experiencing something different. Situated just twenty-five minutes south west of the city of Montego Bay, the property is a beautiful natural reserve which attracts many tropical birds that are native to the island and the region.

Originally owned by Lisa Salmon, an astounding  naturist, the property on which the Sanctuary is located attracts many species of tropical birds; even rare species not found in other parts of the island were frequently seen on the property. Upon realizing the splendor of nature’s bounty of these flying creatures, Lisa then decided that she could not keep this to herself, so she opened her property to other nature lovers, and for over forty years’ thousands of visitors have been enjoying this beautiful tropical bird paradise.

The myriads of visitors who have enjoyed Rockland Sanctuary have done so by private tours and booked group excursions. In fact, the exquisite nature site makes a great shore excursion for visitors off the cruise ships. The Nature reserve has over 300 species of tropical birds some not seen in other parts of the world. It’s also the place to really interact with Jamaica Natural bird, the Doctor Bird, a humming Bird Spices. The Rockland Bird Sanctuary is probable the only place on earth where one can hand feed humming birds that live in the wild.

If you are a nature lover, bird enthusiast or even someone that has a mild interest in birds, the Rockland Bird Sanctuary is definitely for you. Staying in a hotel or visiting on a cruise to Falmouth or Montego Bay? This excursion is a must do; you should seize this life changing pleasure.