Rio Grande’s main source of water supply is the torrential rains which incidentally happen quite frequent over the Blue Mountains. It then rushes down from high as approximately 1000 meters on the mountain to carved a humongous gorge.
Rafting in Jamaica and in particular on the Rio Grande is an established activity which tens of thousands of visitors and Jamaicans alike have enjoyed. A bamboo rafts are normally made to fit two passengers and a captain who poles the raft downstream. The navigators are skilled licensed river rafters who know every nook and cranny of this huge river.
Some of the best vistas one will ever see is while rafting down this beautiful gorge. The entire adventure is about 3 hours or mind boggling beauty and splendor which will arrest your attention like nothing had done before. This valley is exceedingly fertile as one can tell by the exceedingly lush flora e fauna that decorate the surroundings.
If you will be in the Port Antonio area then rafting down the Rio Grande should be part of the visit. in fact if you are planning to visit Jamaica in the near future if you will not stay in Port Antonio then at least a day trip to this beautiful quaint seaside town would well worth your time. Home to the Blue Lagoon, Reach Falls, The Blue Mountains and Somerset Falls among others Port Antonio is truly a nature lover best Jamaican spot.
Rafting on the Rio Grande, Jamaica’s best and first rafting attraction is located in Portland the most beautiful and verdant parish in Jamaica. Self explanatory the Spanish name Rio Grande  translates into English means Big River.

Rio Grande

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