lb baby shrimp or regular size shrimp diced
1 lb filet white fish, turbit in Jamaica
flounder in areas where it can be found
1 tsp curry powder
small onion diced
Garlic diced
Sprig of Thyme
Escallion diced
cube salt free vegetable bullion
1 tsp seafood seasoning
black pepper|
2 tbsp oil
Add curry powder, seafood seasoning oil, onion, garlic, thyme and scallion to a sauce pan.
Stir frequently until onions becoming translucent add about cup of water.
Add vegetable bullion and cook to taste.
When sauce is reduced to about of the original amount and you are satisfied with the taste add the shrimps. Cook shrimps for approximately 3 minutes over medium flame.
Mix salt and black pepper and sprinkle over the filet fish sparsely, lay the fish flat and add the curried cooked shrimp in the middle but close to one end.
Roll the fish to enclose the shrimp, stick a tooth pick in the middle making sure it goes through both ends to keep the fish from
rolling open, or use a cord or tread to tie the fish. Place in a casserole dish and pour the additional curry sauce over it and bake for approximately 15 minutes.
Adding crab meat to the shrimp is a great way of enhancing this dish.

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