In 1904 they laid  the largest pipeline in world along the Bog Walk Gorge, It measured 6,200 feet long, 8 feet in diameter, weighing 1,700,000 pounds hold together by 260,000 rivets.  Today Bog  Walk is famous for its road side selling of fresh fruits such as oranges, mangoes, sugar cane, pineapples etc. Sometimes you can also find boys selling crawfish that has been fished from the Rio Cobre river.
Maybe one of the better known natural attraction of this area is the pum pum rock. This is a rock that bears a close semblance of the female genitalia. Pum  pum is the equivalent word in the Jamaican dialect for vagina. This rock is also known  as the nature rock and  pum rock. This amazing  rock  is viewable from the roadway with have many travelers giving at least a passing glance.
The Bog Walk Gorge was formed by the mighty Rio Cobre which translates to “Copper River” cutting a deep conduit in the massive surrounding rocks. This is a really big river which augments  whenever there are torrential rains in and around  Bog Walk. However,  this is a picturesque area the rich and lush vegetation and the impressive ever-flowing Rio Cobre makes it really enchanted.
Bog Walk has a strong and long history which  helped to shaped  the Jamaican landscape. It has one of the oldest roads in Jamaica which was built in 1770. The Spanish name this place “Boca de Aqua” which literally means “Mouth of the Water”. However the name was corrupted  to Bog Walk by the ignorance of the Spanish Language by the British settlers.

Bog Walk Pum Pum Rock

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