2 lb beef cut in strips (julienne)
I medium onion        (slice thinly in length rather than in rings)
Stalk of escallion
Sprig of thyme
1 peg crush garlic
2 teaspoon meat seasoning
salt and black pepper (to taste)
4 teaspoon soya sauce
4 tablespoon of oil
(1)(Combine beef, meat seasoning, salt, 3 teaspoon soya sauce to taste) and leave to marinate (1 hour)
(2)Add oil to a sauce pan
(3)Brown meat until you are satisfied with the color.
(4)Add water and cook until tender
(5)When you are satisfied with the tenderness of the meat and the sauce is just about level of the beef add onion, escallion, thyme and garlic.
(6)Then at the end the last 5 minutes (reduce flames to low) add bell pepper and 1 teaspoon soya sauce cover, stir frequently.  Enjoy !!

Jamaican Pepper Steak


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