Negril vacations are also dubbed as romantic getaways, due to the many weddings and honeymoons that have become prominent here. The all night partying, excellent cuisine, exceptional drinks, the best sunset and amazing people is just some of the things a Negril vacation is about.
Negril vacations are complete in many forms. This popular holiday destination located on the western tip of Jamaica is perfectly placed. There are many reasons why Jamaica is famous throughout the world and without a doubt Negril play a huge role.
Dubbed “Capital of Casual”, the hippies in the early 1970’s are the ones who first started the Negril vacation trend. No wonder why it is a place for the happy-go-lucky visitors who do not want to feel restricted and prefer to unwind in complete happiness.
Negril vacations are famous for many things. The beautiful Negril sunset has gotten enthusiastic reviews by all who have witnessed it .Negril is home to one of the best beaches in the world, the world famous 7 mile long beach guarantees you a private space without the invasion of privacy.

Negril Vacations

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If you are not staying in Negril we at Best Jamaice would love to help you plan a day trip to Negril. There are quite a few attractions on different sides of Negril which could enhance your day to this lovely resort town.
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