Negril sunset is something special to all who have witnessed it. While one would agree that there are no two things the same in the world, the Negril Sunset is unique, superb and very different when compared with other places in the world. Perhaps the beautiful Negril sunset has to do with its approximate location: 18° 16" 0'N, 78° 21" 0'W, Decimal: 18.2667,-78.35. Maybe it could be the milieu that enhances ones awareness. Whatever the rational is, there is no denial that the Negril sunset is just awesome.
Negril sunset is said to have therapeutic properties in calming and relaxing the mind body and soul. This could be so because of the unique way that the sun sets and the ever changing view it impresses upon the mind, a feeling of wellness. This then reflects on the soul. Situated on the western tip of Jamaica, obviously negril  benefits from the sun going down in the west. Most of the Negril sunset watching is done in the late evening particularly on a cliff, some feet above sea level.
The Negril sunset is also noted for its orange hue. This is due to the salt particles in the air over the Caribbean Sea. Although the other colors such as yellow and red which are also synonymous with sunsets are quite visible as well. Although sunsets throughout different regions take on different characteristics, the Negril sunset is one of the best in the western hemisphere. The breath taking Negril sunset depth and fusion of hues has never seized to showcase its vibrancy across the western Caribbean skyline.
The sunny island of Jamaica enjoys a remarkable 13.3 hours of sunshine daily 365 days a year. Visitors have traveled from far and wide to bask in the lovely sunshine. A visitor once said that he was watching the Negril sunset while appreciating it, as he thanked the sun for a gorgeous day he had.
Another highlight of the Negril sunset is the awesome smooth waves that roll across the dark blue shoreline while the sun cools down into the ocean. Many visitors and locals will congregate to gaze at the stunning Negril sunset. It doesn’t matter how many times one has seen this sun setting; this exhibition of majestic beauty and splendor continues to leave its audience in hypnotic silence.

Negril Sunset

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