Negril Jamaica by itself is a big attraction and does not need too much outside of that to satisfy anyone’s wildest vacation dream. One glance at Negril’s alluring seven-miles-beach, rugged cliffs, crystal clear blue waters and jerk food along the road side is enough to persuade anyone.
Situated just 60 minutes west of Montego Bay, visitors to Negril can access all the attractions and activities which are located on this busy thorough-fair between these two resort towns. These range from golfing, horseback riding, zip line canopy tour, scuba diving, swimming with the dolphins and also the attractions situated on the South Coast.
However with seven miles of white sand beach which grace the cover of many international travel magazines; who cares about the rest? Cliff diving at any of those high cliffs which sits on top of those deep azure waters and a signature activity at Rick’s Café, Negril has all it needs. The beautiful sunset which adorned the evening skies in the evenings is to die for. Negril is perfect for weddings and honeymooners with next to perfect villas sitting on the beach or on top of one of those magnificent cliffs. Negril’s nightlife is vibrant a place where beach parties and live reggae shows are prevalent.

Negril Attractions

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