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Loverís Leap in St Elizabeth Jamaica is one of the countryís best known places. Hovering about 1,700 feet above the ocean Loverís Leap makes a very interesting vista. The views are dramatic with clear visibility of Treasure Beach to the West and as far as Rocky Point to the East.
The name Loverís Leap emerge from an incident that happened during the 18 century. Legend has it that it was named after two slave lovers who jumped to their death instead of being separated. A slave master had a crushed on the young beautiful black girl and wanted her for himself. She and her slave boyfriend were very much in love and never even thought of being separated. They were been chased by loyalists attached to the slave master and when they were cornered did the unthinkable.
Loverís Leap is quite unique, perching at such height above the Caribbean ocean is truly spectacular. It is truly a birdís eye view of the wide and majestic Caribbean ocean. The choppy waves that bash the shoreline may not be safest place to swim. However, having the privilege of being on the same height with the birds when they are soaring in the skies is quite remarkable. Loverís Leap St Elizabeth offers a refreshing alternative to the old worn out traditional tourist places in Jamaica.
A restaurant is located on site providing sumptuous meals. This restaurant is adorn in love, heart shape all around. The chef even gets creative and portioned rice on the plates in a heart shape. However, donít forget the wonderful view that dining at this restaurant provides.