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Spanish Town, which was the first capital of Jamaica between 1662 and 1872, is 13 miles west of Kingston. Here you will find Jamaica’s history such as the St. James Cathedral, which is the oldest Anglican Church outside of England which was constructed in 1523. There is also a museum showcasing Jamaica’s past which include pottery and musical instruments. The buildings are a mix of Spanish and Georgian styles. Although places such as Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril are at the forefront of Jamaica’s tourism, Kingston also has a lot to offer. Kingston Jamaica is the home of beautiful beaches as well. The Hellshire, Fort Clarence and less popular Portmore beaches, as well as Lime Cay, off the south-coast are very popular with the locals.
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Kingston, the capital and largest city of Jamaica is one of the liveliest places in the world. It is home to the famous reggae music and training ground of Bob Marley. Kingston Jamaica has inked its name in the world as a great city and was known to be the pearl of the Caribbean. Kingston Jamaica has a population of approximately 650,000 and it’s the largest English speaking city south of the United States of America.  Kingston city has the 7th largest natural harbor in the world which is a well placed transshipment point between South America and Europe.
Port Royal, which is now a part of Kingston, and was one of the most famous cities in the new world before its demise by an earthquake in 1692, Port Royal boasted 6,500 residents. On only 51 acres of land, there were 200 buildings which included 44 licensed bars. The city was so important that in 1688, 213 ships visited Port Royal. It was the home of the many pirates that ruled and plundered the seas of the new world, it was the place where they reveled and stored their loots and as a result was thought the be one of the wickedest and richest places in the world. Today that loot and a portion of the land are deep underwater where it sank into the depths during the earthquake. Despite the two earthquakes and other disasters that hit Port Royal, historical structures are still present and Port Royal is now a transformed laid back village.
The museum and other structures still in place as attractions, affords visitors a time loop of at least 4 centuries. Port Royal is an established fishing village, home to the Jamaica Coast guard and naval base, also a boat mariner and sometimes locals sail or go motor sporting on the coast or visit the many cays.
The modern Kingston Jamaica has many historical and natural attractions to indulge in. Kingston is often compared to other large cities throughout the world as a place where the nightlife is vibrant. It is a fact that Kingston is the home of many forms of popular music such as rocksteady, ska, reggae and dancehall therefore; Kingston Jamaica is worth the visit. The natural art Gallery down town, the National library and the Institute of Jamaican offers historical and modern art and articles. There are many parks with monuments, which indicate the histories and evolution of Jamaica, Sir William Grant Park in down town and Heroes Park at the National Heroes’ Circle in Kingston are the most notable. Kingston, Jamaica is vibrant for cultural, business and ecotourism.
As we move away to the north east of Kingston we encounter the mountainous regions and at the foot of one such mountain range are places of interest such as the Bob Marley Museum, The Devon House, which is not just a great house but the hub of commercial activities and entertainment. Further east, is the Hope Botanical Gardens, which boasts an array of tropical flowers, and trees. Rivers in the east and nature retreats such as Hollywell Forest Reserve and Park accessible by car or hiking tracks afford a mysterious and magical connection with nature at its best. Hiking to the Blue Mountains, which is the highest mountain in Jamaica, can be accessed from Kingston. In Both camp sites cabins can be rented or patrons can bring their own tents. The weather is often unique and cool, a panoramic view of Kingston can be seen from Hollywell Park, and on a clear day, it is possible to see the south coastline of Cuba from the Blue Mountain Peak. The vegetation on these slopes due to the unique weather and soil properties are generally unique with exotic and endemic species seen nowhere else in the world. The majestic Blue Mountains are the home of the world’s best Blue Mountain Coffee.
If you happen to be in Kingston, Jamaica as a business tourist with full days, all is not lost. The town offers an array of exotic night activities, which cannot be compared to anywhere else in the world. If you are a Caribbean music fan you will experience music that is before its time on the global marketplace. Otherwise Kingston, Jamaica is home to pantomime, dance theatre, and roots plays. So don’t leave Kingston without an exquisite memory.

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