There are numerous seasonings that are regarded as Jamaican spices, but they are not indigenous to Jamaica or the Caribbean. Many times when someone thinks about a Jamaican spice they would finalized it all with a seasoning called “All spice” (Jamaican pimento) but of course there are a lot more spices and ingredients that had been introduced into the Jamaican cuisine.
The Jamaican cuisine used a kaleidoscope of spices, cultures and foods from all over the world. This blend of spices could range from mild, spicy to very spicy even hot. A spicy meal for Jamaicans means that the meal is well seasoned, on the other hand this well seasoned meal could mean hot in other countries.
Jamaican spices have benefited well from the rich soil of Jamaica and the natural methods used in cultivating them. For example you will find that the Jamaican scallion is far more potent and flavorful than a scallion found in North America.
Ginger is another example of a Jamaican spice and is rated the best in the world as a result of its high potency. Its strength and flavor has generated naturally and was never genetically induced. This is attributed to the climate in Jamaica and the rich soil composition.
When using the Jamaican spices one has to understand that timing and quantity plays a great role. Jamaican spices work in combination, when disproportioned it will have an opposing effect, one spice to another. Many Jamaican spices are over-powering and could change the final outcome of the dish completely, so practice and measurement is important.

Jamaican Spices

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