Jamaican Golden Rum also known as Amber Rum is medium-bodied rum, this rum is smooth and mellow in taste after aging for long period in oak cast. The secret of Dark Jamaican Rum is in the aging. This rum spends considerable longer period aging in deeply charred barrels giving it a darker color which is sweeter in taste. This Dark Jamaican rum is sometimes flavored with caramel, spices, vanilla or other flavorings.
The process of aging rums is very intricate, involving the loss of some of the stronger components. Dark Jamaican rum is aged in oak wood barrels which attributed to the color and aroma of the finished product. It is also believed that oxygen seeped into the barrel which changed some of the alcohol into fragrant esters.
Appleton Jamaica started in 1749 and is the second oldest rum maker in the world behind Mount Gay Distilleries of Barbados. Jamaican rum and others from the Caribbean are of optimum quality. Jamaican white rum is dry, light bodied rum, clear colored and slightly sweet in taste. The distillation period is rather short and aging is done in plain oak casks or stainless steel tanks. As a result the Jamaican White rum is colorless and less flavored. The Jamaican White Rum is a perfect choice for mixed drinks and cocktails because of its plain and delicate taste.
Premium Jamaican Rum: These are rums that command a higher price as they are aged to perfection. They have a smooth character and are generally enjoyed without any additional ingredients altering the rich experience. Flavored Jamaican Rum: Yes the revolution started and it is very interesting. Master Mixologists have been able to infused subtle fruits flavor such as mango, citrus, coconut among others into rums. This flavored Jamaican rum normally enjoyed just over ice to preserve the tinge of fruit flavor. Jamaican Spiced Rum could range from golden to dark rum balance adroitly with spices. These rums have gain popularity over the years and are preferred for many blender drinks. It can also be enjoyed over ice.
Jamaican rum is a distilled drink which is made from the by-product of sugar cane such as the juice or molasses. Jamaican rum is made through fermentation of molasses or sugar cane juice with yeast. It is then distilled into a crystal clear sharp tasting product about 80% alcohol which is known as Jamaican White Overproof Rum. 

Jamaican Rum

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