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Jamaican food  is one of the most delicious and colorful cuisine in the Caribbean. Major cities in North America and Europe now have a healthy dose of Jamaican restaurants scattered all over them.  It is hard to pin point what is the single most important thing about the Jamaican food why it has become the new craze. Ask anyone who had the chance of enjoying some of the country’s delicacies and they will tell you that the Jamaican food is simple the best.
Jamaican food or its cuisine has been developed through a labyrinth of complexity but it do worth the journey. These include abundance or lack of resources, religion, cultures  availability and most importantly creativity which all play major roles in what is not consider the best and most famous Caribbean cuisine.
Jamaica is a country of mix races which is quite evident in the cuisine. This the different cultures impacted greatly on the Jamaican food making it distinctive. Jamaicans have a tendency to include lots of fruits and vegetables in the cuisine which also lends a pleasing look to the dishes while augmenting the nutritional value.
Diverse is the Jamaican food  and thanks to the Rastafarians another side has been developed which is call Ital cuisine. This is really the most healthy form of preparing Jamaican food because each ingredient is taken into consideration . Nothing processed is being used and the avoidance of salt and products that are chemically tainted are prohibited.
The accolades keep coming while Jamaican food is spreading its tentacles all over the world.  Finding dishes that suits your taste is easy because of the variety of cooking styles done with passion and precision. From stews to soups and jerk to curry cooked tender  and never in a scurry Jamaica food is always satisfactory.
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