There are numerous countries that have an identity problem. There are 2 types of publicity good and bad. One cannot dispute the fact that good publicity will always be good, on the other hand bad publicity is not that bad depending on the circumstances. In fact it would be better to have a little bad publicity than none at all, this way one will be noticed.
Reggae Music and Bob Marley propelled the country to unprecedented fame during the 1970 to 1980s and the trend has continued. Jamaica is the first country to start producing rum commercially and have perfected the art of distilling this precious drink. Blue Mountain Coffee which is the most expensive and best tasting coffee is made in Jamaica. This industry cannot be marginalized because it is the most popular drink worldwide with over 400 billion cups consumed each year.
The hurricane season is one of the things also that gives some publicity to Jamaica, although the country has been speared the brunt of many major storms in recent years. In fact the last two major storms that had a devastating impact on the island were Hurricane Charlie in 1961 and Hurricane Gilbert in 1988.
The latest trend to have hit the world is our speed on the track. This tiny island produces some of the fastest women and men to ever grace the surface of the earth. So, it is quite obvious why Jamaica is a name brand country. This island continues to impact the world on various fronts.
This Caribbean nation has being a champion of both good and bad publicity, when it is not one it's the other. There can be denial that the country has a high crime rate and sometimes something bizarre may pop up. Thank heavens these conflicts are among the locals and usually a distant away from visitors.
Ask anyone who does a lot of traveling and they will tell you that some places are just contagious. The world is made up of about 195 countries. There are no two alike, with each of them being unique in their own way. Even if the differences are not that great there are some subtle nuances in the culture at least.

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