Jamaica reggae music needs no introduction to the world as it is one of the world’s most popular music. There are many music types that emanate out of this small island; however reggae is most popular.
Jamaica reggae is a particular rhythm style typified by accents on the off-beat and a thick base line. An off-shoot of rock steady music, Jamaican reggae was born and quickly became world famous mainly through the work of the legendary Bob Marley. The first Jamaican recording studio opened its doors in 1951 recording other forms of music as the Jamaica reggae was not in existence as yet. In those days the music played on the radio was America R&B.
Mento was the first type of music to have emerged out of Jamaica, followed by Jamaican Ska, Rock Steady music, Jamaica reggae and now Jamaica dancehall music. Mento is a cross of African and European styles. It is acoustic and folksy using instruments such as banjo, acoustic guitar, flute, rumba box, saxophone and other informal devices.
Ska was the precursor to rock steady which paved the way for Jamaica reggae. Rock steady music is a combination of mento, American jazz and rhythm and blues with an offbeat bass. During the 1960’s it permeated the Jamaican airwaves with melodious sounds.  Today Jamaica reggae music has a worldwide presence. The influence is so great that not all reggae you hear is authentically Jamaican. This music form enjoys large fan base in Israel, Italy, Scandinavia, Germany, England and Japan and indeed in most countries throughout the world. Presently there are many reggae artists that have never been to Jamaica.

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