Ital cuisine is one of the best  secret in the holistic world today. The originators of this cuisine the Rastafarian says that Ital is vital.  Buttress by the knowledge we are empowered with today I don’t think anyone could dispute that cliché successfully.
And so it came to pass that these very people visited the doctor because they may not be feeling well. Oh yes you guessed it, the Doctor often times says stop eating the meats, forget the salt, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and stay away from dairy products. Returning home silently they would follow the doctor’s advice but still refuse to call it Ital or to confess that Rastafarians were right.
So now we see the importance of the Ital food. There are numerous benefits that come with adopting   this cuisine.  We have found the exotic without fully exploring and enjoying the basic. The basic is fundamental while the exotic is detrimental.  Whatever is good is more times than not natural, and if it is natural then it is Ital and if it is ital then it’s vital.

Ital Cuisine

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Most Jamaicans do owe the Rastafarian an apology for ridiculing the Ital cuisine in its initial stage. They say that ignorance is a bliss but in this case ignorance lead to embarrassment. When the Rastafarian started to tell the Jamaicans that Ital is vital and processed foods, salt, meats and dairy products are not in their best interest they were looked on with disdained.  People would openly laugh them to scorn through ignorance and their false pride.