Cliff diving in Jamaica and in particularly Negril has grown tremendously over the years. The most celebrated spot for this activity is at Rick’s Cafè situated on the western end of Negril popularly known as “Westend”. The cliffs around this area  hovers as much as 40 feet above sea level which making cliff diving a popular activity in Negril.
The placid deep blue Caribbean Sea around the designated diving area quite deep, with depth of 50 feet hitting the bottom of the ocean is out of the question. While jumping off any off these cliffs could be considered as a pastime, it is also a dangerous activity. One must always understand that jumping from those heights into the water must be done correctly.
Most of the cliff diving is done in the evenings when people are back from tours or finished basking in the hot tropical sun. This is the time when Ricks Café comes alive. Perhaps just as famous as cliff diving in Negril so too is watching the sun setting in the west from Rick’s Café. In fact  starting the evening or ending the day cliff diving or just watching the sun sets while sipping on some rum punch just the perfect Jamaican way.

Cliff Diving in Negril

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