Chelsea Jerk Centre in located at 7 Chelsea Ave in Kingston  10 Jamaica is one of Jamaica’s premier jerk centers.  It  was founded in 1977 and has since weaved its way  into the heart of and stomachs  Kingstonians  and visitors alike.
The intimately prepared  Jerk dishes at Chelsea’s Jerk Center will surely appease the most hard to please appetite. Tender are the dishes all made to your liking from chicken, oxtail to fish this famous Kingston eatery is here to please.
Chelsea Jerk Centre is centrally located and really easy to find. Jerk delicacies have come a long way in Jamaica and this joint has helped to define quality Jerk from the rest. Creating a unique style Jerk such as what Chelsea Jerk Centre has in place is done meticulously. The blend of spices is very important but also the type of woods used in the actual process of jerking. The smoky flavor is a direct result of the wood and as you can imagine by carefully selecting and blending different types will always bring a unique taste.
With over 3 decades of testing, adjusting and perfecting the art of jerking,  Chelsea Jerk Centre is miles ahead of the competition. Many other jerk centers came and are no longer here, more will come and some will go but Chelsea Jerk Center is here to stay.
Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken
Cooked to perfection
Honey Jerk Chicken Recipe

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Chelsea Jerk Center

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