Say goodbye to high cell phone roam charges while vacationing in Jamaica. Best Jamaica is now offering a unbelievable low cost phone rental service from Montego Bay Airport. For 45 USD you can rent a cellphone from us with 600 hundreds international minutes to call USA and Canada land or mobile phones and land lines in the UK.  There will also be some minutes includes to make local Jamaican calls so you may get in touch with us if needed.
We offer the best cell phone rental rates in Jamaica. Our payment and delivery term are easy with no hidden clauses. If you are staying in a hotel in Montego Bay we could come and deliver the phone at your resort at no extra cost. If you will be staying outside of Montego Bay we could meet at the arrival exit and in 2 minutes you will have a phone to call make your international calls..
You are already spending a lot of money on your vacation don’t go back home to a large phone bill. Do the smart thing and rent a cell phone in Jamaica that doesn't  leave a hole in the pocket. With 600 minutes you will always be home away from home keeping  in touch as if you were in the neighborhood.
   1(876) 403 5045 Jamaica.
   1(631) 816 2502 USA.
Payment options.
1) Payment in cash after each tour or transfer.
2) Prepaid payment via PayPal.
3) Payment upon arrival at the airport with a credit card.

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   1(876) 403 5045 Jamaica.
   1(631) 816 2502 North America

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Cell Phone Rental Montego Bay

Q: How do one make calls from Jamaica with one of your phones?
A: Calling is easy, there are no secret codes to remember. For Canada and the states dial 1 and then the intended number.

Q: If we will be staying outside of Montego Bay, how do we go about renting a cell phone?
A: A representative from Best Jamaica will meet you at the airport  with your cell phone loaded with international minutes.

Q: Could we pay for the phone rental with a credit card?
A: Yes certainly, we offer 3 payment option for our phone rental service in Montego Bay, via cash, credit card or PayPal.

Q: Were do we return the cell phone once we are done and ready to go home?
A: A representative will meet you at the departure area in Montego Bay to retrieve the cell phone.