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Bob Marley and Dunn's River Tour

Many tour operators do not ‘twin’ tours; they rather do them separately which certainly will cost you more.  We at Best Jamaica understands the importance of your time and money and so we can arrange to twin as many tours as possible making them more affordable and enjoyable.
Whether you are on a cruise ship or staying in a hotel we come and get you in the morning around 9 am in a roomy air-conditioned bus for this enthralling trip. This tour will certainly take us through some deep rural communities which will give you an idea of both sides of Jamaica.
Our first destination is birthplace and final resting place of the legend Bob Marley in Nine Mile St Ann. The actual tour begins with a close view of the house were Bob was born and the then a walk through the house he lived in from a toddler of 6 months until a teenager. The Rastafarians will usher visitors though the gallery, while you explore Bob Marley’s life, tracing his childhood and adolescence.  You will see the rock  where Bob laid his head and wrote  the song “Talking Blue”, just outside the memorial and will get a chance to do just the same.
There is something magical about this place and one cannot help but feel the natural mystic in the air.  Even the casual Marley fan will be struck by the feeling of his presence on the tour walking through the beautiful mausoleum, Bob’s final resting place.
Then we are off to Jamaica’s premier waterfalls. World famous Dunn’s River Water Falls  which is perhaps Jamaica’s best known tourist attraction.  The distance between Bob Marley Nine Mile and Dunn’s River is approximately a 90 minute drive.
Expect an enthralling day of extremes from deep rural to urban experiencing the best of what Jamaica has to offer. If you have been to Dunn's River before and would like to substitute it for the Blue Hole that would be a great idea. Don't hesitate to
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