It is a well established fact that we assess our food by the look, aroma and taste.  A well prepared dish may not be so inviting if the appearance is not great.  A dished that is coordinated well with an array of colors is fantastic  to look on but also provides greater nutritional value because of the additional ingredients.  Aroma is another factor that has a big role in how we analyzed a dish  because most of our tasting is done through smelling.
The Jamaican cuisine is a blend of African, Indian, Arawak and Taino Indians, Portuguese, English, American  among others. It has been tried, proven, tested and now perfected.  The ingeniousness of the people is evident in some of the flavorsome yet intricate dishes that could best be describe as work of art.  The many variation of Jerk style, curry, brown stew, soups and stews are appealing enough to convert a food hater into an epicure.
A variation of vibrant colors, mild flavor, spicy hot, very hot you can have it your way. No sauce, some sauce, hot or mild let your imagination run wild. On the beach or at a BBQ, jerk chicken or curry goat, in a restaurant or on the road, at a picnic or your humble abode the Jamaican cuisine is simple the code.
Authentic Jamaican food  always tantalizes the taste bud while appeasing to the eyes. A glance at a well prepared Jamaican dish will have your eyes fixated and your mouth dribbles while the imagination runs wild. The Jamaican cuisine is a true replica of its people which is a concoction of many cultures.  In fact the Jamaican motto is out of many one people resulting in many unique by-products including its cuisine.
Honey Jerk Chicken

Honey Jerk Chicken
A wonderful fusion of spicy hot tempered by Jamaican sweet and aromatic honey

Authentic Jamaican Food

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