There are many  things that constitute a good beach which is also relative to individual beach lover.  Some people love riding waves while others are quite ok to just bask in the golden sunshine drench in vitamin D from the sun. Others love the sight and feel of  fine granite sand which glisten under the radiant sunshine that seems like pounded diamonds mixed with perfectly white flour.  Some just love to watch the waves rushing to the shoreline and then receding  which seems to be a continuous cat and mouse game.
Doctor’s Cave beach has a very long history which dates back to 1880 when Dr. Alexander James McCatty allowed his friends and medical colleagues to bathe at his small beach. The kind Doctor then donated the property to the Montego Bay community in 1906 to which a private member club was formed that still continues today. However in the 1920’s  the Doctor’s Cave Beach took on world prominence when Sir Herbert Barker and English Osteopath wrote an article about the curative effect of the water. The news spread like wild fire when fuel by petroleum which also introduced to the world to Montego Bay Jamaica.
Jamaica is fortunate to have a beach with such history and quality as Doctor’s Cave.  Complete in every way and second to none this beach is the quintessence of modern amenities working in coalesce with nature for the benefit of all concerns. The combination of beach bar and grill, beautiful tropical trees dotted the white glassy sand while its inviting calm therapeutic water beckons your partaking. The next time you are in or around the Montego Bay area make this lovely beach on your to do list.
The tender sounds of waves caressing the shoreline lovingly is just one hallmark of the Doctors Cave Beach in Montego Bay.  The clean, blue and clear therapeutic water  awaits anyone who desires to be relieved of body impurities and longing for a sense of wellness.  The Doctor’s Cave beach is certainly one of Jamaica’s best and most famous beaches which was incidentally Montego Bay’s first tourist attraction.

Doctor's Cave Beach

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